Welcome to TestCart.com


What is TestCart.com?

TestCart.com is a working model of Foxstone Industries' on-line shopping cart. This cart, when implemented on your site can be used to produce sales and/or quotes. The entire shopping cart can be embedded inside your site's 'boiler-plate' custom look and feel.

Additionally, on this site, you can visit the back-end of the website to see how you would receive quotes and orders and manage products, models, pricing, product photos, etc.


Using the Cart

Feel free to browse the products (all fake, of course!!), place some in your cart, view and change your cart as many times as you wish.

You may notice that some product attributes don't seem to make sense. You are more than welcome to use the back-end and make any changes, corrections or additions you like.


Checking Out

This is a real shopping cart, but no credit cards will be charged. However, since anyone is welcome to use the back-end you should not use real names or valid credit cards.


Use VISA card with number 4111111111111111 for testing.



This shopping cart can be included in your website in either of two ways:

  1. If you have a Foxstone.com hosted website, it can be included at a modest one-time setup fee.
  2. If you host elsewhere, it can be included in any website that supports PHP. Please contact Foxstone to find out more.


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